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As a leading manufacturer of hardware products, It is all about achieving precision and perfection consistently. If you can do this, you can rule the market.

At Swipe Industries, we have done the same. We firmly believe that the world of hardware is all about striking a fine balance between quality & precision. On one hand, it is pure art of touching hearts and creating impact with sheer brilliance in designs; whereas on the other hand, it is all about technology of achieving impeccable precision to deliver unmatched experience and performance.

We have applied the same principle to our whole range of Hardware products.

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At Swipe Industries, flawless design & quality are our priority. Our state-of-the-art production facility ensures masterpiece quality for all our offerings.


Hardware designed to impress and built to last. Elegant finishes, soft grip, and precision engineering ensure years of smooth performance.


At Swipe Industries, we believe in establishing relations and maintain them at any cost. Our timely deliveries and prompt services have raised the bars for dealer and customer outreach in the industry.


Each of our products always comes with highly reliable packaging so that the integrity of the products remains intact, till it reaches the end-user.

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